Wine Pairing

At Serafino's we specialize in pairing the perfect wine with your meal, it would be our pleasure to assist you in choosing the perfect wine to accent your dining experience.

Wine Servings

Our Wines are sold by the glass or bottle. So whether you are here by yourself or with someone or a group Serafino's can accommodate your needs.

Aged Wines

We carry a wide variety of aged wines to accommodate most everyone's tatse.

Our Wine List

We have an excellent selection of wine to accompany your dining experience.

Our wines are sold by the Glass or Bottle.

Our Staff can assist you in pairing the perfect wine to your meal.

House Wines
Salmon Creek $7.00 $19.95
Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, White Zinfandel    
Pinot Grigio
Salmon Creek, CA $7.00 $28.95
Fruity bouquet with hints of chrisp apple    
Double Decker, CA $7.00 $28.95
Green apple & lime, complimeted by hint of mineral    
Ruffino Lumina $7.00 $28.95
Full bodied, fruity aroma and well balanced    
Cutler Creek White Zinfandel   $23.95
Full of fruit with a drier style    
Clos Du Bois, CA $8.00 $32.95
Full bodied, ripe fruit flavors    
Twisted River Late Harvest Riesling, CA $7.00 $28.95
Honey, Apricot and Peach, rich and modestly sweet    
Castello Moscato, Italy $7.00 $28.95
Well balanced with a refined fruitiness    
Villa Rosa Moscato D'Asti, Italy $8.00 $32.95
Refreshing with aromas of peaches and apricots    
Santero Moscato D'Asti, Italy $8.00 $32.95
Floral notes and refreshing strawberries and raspberries    
Dionysos Moschofilero Mantineia   $32.95
Aromas of citrus fruits, dried apricots with a nice structure    
Red Blends
Double Decker Red, Livermore, CA $7.00 $28.95
Blend of Cab, Petite Syrah and Babera, Flavors of blackberrie, black cherry and plum
Inkberry Shiraz/Cabernet, Australia $7.00 $28.95
Sweet ripe fruit with hints of dark chocolate and spice    
Paranga Kiryianni, Greek   $50.00
Dry red wine, Blueberry with hints of exotic spices    
Oroma Cabernet Merlot, Greek   $50.00
Juicy black fruit, Stength and depth    
Pinot Noir
Salmon Creek, CA $7.00 $28.95
Complex with strong toasty oak and vinilla notes    
Cupcake, CA $7.00 $28.95
Spicy strawberry bouguet with a hint of pomegranate    
Angeline Santa Rosa, CA $12.00 $40.00
French Burgandian style, fruit forward and earthy    
Cutler Creek   $23.95
Ripe cherries and very well balanced    
Mezzacorona, Italy $7.00 $28.95
Flavors of raspberry and cherry with hints of vinilla    
Estancia, CA $7.00 $28.95
Aromas and flavors of dark cherry, raspberry and plum    
Sycamore Lane, CA $6.50 $23.95
Fruity aromas and slight tannins with an abundance of flavors    
Cutler Creek, CA $7.00 $28.95
Red berry flavors and clean finish    
Hypothesis Cabernet, CA   $85.00
Scarlet color with dark chocolate and blackberry    
Entwine, Livermore, CA $10.00 $45.00
Food Network favorite, full bodied with cherries and tobacco    
Mettler, Lodi, CA $10.00 $50.00
Dark fruit, black currant, purple plums and black cherries    
Picinni Chianti Classico   $50.00
Full bodied, ripe fruit and cedar    
Gabbiano, Italy $7.00 $29.95
Ruby red color with a bouquet of cherry, chocolate and tobacco    
Cetamura Chianti $7.00 $29.95
Ripe black cherries yet complex    
Ruffino Riserva Ducale, Italy   $60.00
Full bodied and complex, A Chianti in the truly Italian Heritage    
Dessert Wine
Lambrusco, Italy $6.50  
Clean fruit flavors and a refreshing finish    
Cockburn Ruby Port, Portugal $8.00 $29.00
Raisiny bouquet with sweet blackberries on the finish    
Ficklin Old Vine Port, CA $10.00 $31.00
Budlight   $3.50
Michelob Ultra   $4.00
Peroni   $4.00
Yuengling   $4.00
Mythos   $4.00
Session Lager   $4.00

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